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Suzhou heat shrinkable material co., ltd  is a specialized manufacture with providing Heat Shrinkable Material.Products series:Dual Wall Tubing Adhesive and Encapsulant-Lined Heat Shrinkable Tubing ;Heat Shrinkable Bus-bar Sleeves; Low Voltage Continous Heat Shrinkable Bus-bar Sleeves; Polyolefin Thin Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubing advantages 1mm up to 200mm with UL CSA approved with reasonable price, Viton tube, PVDF Kynar tube, anti tracking tubings, stress control tubes, breakout, end cap etc. We also offer 3:1 & 4:1 ratio heat shrinkable adhesive lined tubes, medium/heavy wall tube. Highly flame retardant, very flexible polyolefin heat-shrinkable tubing designed to meet the stringent requirements of UL224 VW-1 and CSA-OFT and is therefore recommended for use in applications requiring the highest level of flame retardance. The tubing will electrically insulate and protect in-line components, terminals and splices, bundle wires for very flexible, light duty harnesses and provide electrical insulation, mechanical protection, cable bundling and strain relief.

  • China Suzhou heat shrink tubings company
  • huashan road suzhou eFax: 1-208-330 0337 (USA)
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  • 86-139-62517120
  • 86-512-62883255
  • Jslin Wei (Export Manager)
  • 86-139-62517120

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